Monday, November 10, 2014

Film Capsule: Derek Jarman's Blue (1993)

Blue (1993)
Directed by Derek Jarman

Living with AIDS for over a half-decade by the time of his twelfth and final film, the progressive British director Derek Jarman would spend his remaining months conceptualizing a personal cinematic eulogy as his most celebrated artistic asset, his vision, was quite literally fading from view. A visual representation of the onset of his optical deterioration, the film’s succession of single, saturated blue frames provide a canvas for an intimate narrative of great verbal and aural nuance, a chronicle of a life told not through images but imagery itself. Alongside the filmmaker’s first person ruminations and remembrances are reverent recitations from art world associates including Nigel Terry, Tilda Swinton, and John Quentin, who, together with an expansive palette of sound effects, paint a poetic portrait of a personality resigned to fate but alive with pride and perseverance. (Nov 7, 7:30pm at BAM’s Jarman series) [The L]

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