Thursday, September 18, 2014

Film Capsule: Edward Yang's Taipei Story (1985)

Taipei Story (1985)
Directed by Edward Yang

This early landmark by the most classical of the New Taiwan Cinema filmmakers is a sombre evocation of Eastern ideology and its conflicted transition into a post-modern context. Co-written by and starring the Taiwanese New Wave’s longest-running figure, Hou Hsiao-hsien, the film depicts in serenely melancholic detail the contrasting mindsets of a young couple fated to pass through different stations amidst a rapidly modernizing Taipei. Hou’s baseball-loving, traditionally minded Lung seems content to exist in the era into which he was born, while his girlfriend, Chin (Tsai Chin), takes her architectural aspirations to heart as she attempts to construct of herself a progressive autonomy divorced from emotion or intimacy. Captured with his typically restrained, lyrical sense of city and psyche, the late Yang’s first masterpiece solidified many of the tendencies he and Hou would continue to refine and redefine in their respective careers for the next decade-plus as contemporaries. (September 21, 7:30pm at the Museum of the Moving Image's Hou retrospective) [The L]

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