Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Film Capsule: Chantal Akerman's From the East (1993)

From the East (1993)
Directed by Chantal Akerman

This movie is both a literal and figurative representation of its title, a visual diary of the director’s sojourn across the former European Communist bloc as the seasons turn from autumn to winter and the topography shifts from rural to urban. Moving in uniform tableaux, mostly in right-to-left tracking shots, Akerman’s camera patiently documents a culture suspended between eras, creating in turn a cinematic index of the people, places, and professions of post-war Europe. Expanding upon the temporal and spatial experiments of her celebrated 70s work, Akerman locates a fresh plane of aesthetic freedom, combining peripheral ambience and both diegetic and non-diegetic musical cues within a constantly expanding and contracting logistical framework, resulting in a fully mapped, three-dimensional travelogue for the senses. (Mar 19 at Spectacle, part of its Akermania series) [The L Magazine]

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