Monday, December 5, 2011

PopMatters Feature: The 75 Best Songs of 2011

Year-end honors continue this week at PopMatters, highlighted by our list of the 75 best songs of 2011. It's a pretty straight forward process: you vote for your five favorites and see where they place. Voting for songs is a particularly personal practice in my view, as I often gravitate to standalone songs that affect me rather than weighing them in relation to the albums they come from. Which is why only two of my song picks come from albums that are on my list of the 30 best of the year. This also probably accounts for why there are such a diverse crop of tracks represented on the final list, as I imagine others employ similar methods. Even still, I'm not gonna pretend I like all of these-- in fact, there are a handful I flat-out despise. But hey, democracy reigns when involved in projects like these. And if it gave me the opportunity to write about my two favorite songs of the year-- which it did; our #52 and #38 picks, respectively, top my own personal list-- then something good has come of it. Anyway, head on over and judge for yourself. And finally, my list of the five best songs of the year: 1) The Weeknd - "The Zone"; 2) Shabazz Palaces - "Recollections of the Wraith"; 3) Jenny Hval - "Portrait of the Young Girl as an Artist"; 4) Pure X - "Stuck Livin'"; 5) EMA - "The Grey Ship".

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