Monday, December 12, 2011

PopMatters Feature: The 75 Best Albums of 2011

Year-end music proceedings come to an end this week at PopMatters with our list of the 75 best albums of 2011. I don't have a whole lot to say about the results; things look about how I expected. PopMatters has a huge staff, and when democratically voting for lists like this, it's only natural that the more generally agreeable records make their way to the top. Thus, the bottom half of the list contains, from my vantage, the more interesting selections. Records from Battles, the Field, and Colin Stetson can be found lurking around these parts, in addition to our #71 pick, Gang Gang Dance's extraordinary Eye Contact, for which I provide the capsule. But if you're looking for slightly more idiosyncratic picks, stay tuned for the CokeMachineGlow top 50, which is dropping early next week. It's wall-to-wall fantastic albums I assure you-- a good majority of which probably came nowhere near this PM list. But perspective is key when assessing lists like these. And just to note, I'll also be contributing to PopMatters' best film lists in the coming weeks, so look out for that as well (that roll-out begins the first week of January). Lots to explore here though, so enjoy yet another take on the year in music. [PM]

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