Friday, February 4, 2011

OFF! on Carson Daily

UPDATE 02.11.11: Take everything I said below and just bump it up yet one more week (I hope). I'm at the mercy of my editors here, but I assure you I have like eight pieces written and ready to go live any day now.

I apologize for the lack of content these past couple of weeks, but rest assured there is a lot in the pipeline. InRO returns next week, meaning my regular record reviews will continue in due course (along with my contributions to the site's now-monthly DVD/Blu-Ray column, "Home Movies"-- really exited about this one, so keep a look out for it). Also, my skills shall be put the test further as I begin to contribute to CokeMachineGlow, which, unless you're totally out of the loop, is the best music criticism site on the web, bar none. A couple of track reviews will work as my debut, and those should drop in the Daily Ops section as early as next week. But anyway, that's next week. In the meantime I thought I'd follow up on my recent review of the new OFF! compilation with this video of the band firing off an entire EP in the amount of time usually allotted to a single late-night performance. The EP in question is titled 1st EP (natch), and it leads off said compilation, which has seen very steady rotation around these parts in the last couple months. Also, there's a pretty hilarious interview with the band at the front end of this clip. Some things never change-- and in this case I'd say that is a very good thing. Anyway, enjoy and be sure to watch this space.

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