Monday, January 17, 2011

Panda Bear - "Atiba Song"

From the age of about 12 to 17, my life was essentially skateboarding and skateboarding alone. If I wasn't out riding after school then I was at home watching one of hundreds of skate videos that I bought, dubbed or otherwise procured in any fashion then available to me. In fact, my first exposure to many of what were to become my favorite bands were facilitated by these very VHS compilations. Needless to say, indie-rock (not to mention skateboarding) has changed quite a bit in the last decade, but part of the ongoing 80s/90s nostalgia fad will, for me at least, forever be wrapped up in the first time I heard Chavez's "You Faded", Palace Brothers' "I Am a Cinematographer", Misfits' "London Dungeon", and "Wrong" from the recently reunited Archers of Loaf, on these various skate videos.

In other words, not much looped-based psychedelia found it's way onto these vids, but as technology has progressed, so too have tastes and the odd accompanying visual aesthetic. This sea change is pretty blatantly evident in this excerpt from a new skate video by Ty Evans and the titular Atiba Jefferson (via Altered Zones). Soundtracked by an exclusive new track from shape-shifting Animal Collective member Panda Bear, the clip marries montage skate footage to Noah Lennox's woozy, wordless sampedelica. This is just one more reason to get amped for Tomboy, Panda Bear's ridiculously anticipated new album (now coming April 19th) and follow-up to 2007s scene-altering Person Pitch.

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