Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kathryn Bigelow Wins the 2010 Director's Guild of America Award

And like I've been saying for weeks now, it's all over but the crying. James Cameron's crying that is. [Pic via @awardsdaily; full story over at Variety]

Saturday, January 23, 2010

InRO Feature: The Top 15 Films of 2009

After considerable delay, InRO's year-end coverage continues with our Top 15 Films of 2009. Now, I don't want toot our own horn or anything, but this is probably one of the most substantial and passionate '09 film lists that you're likely come across. I personally admire all 15 of these films, many of which overlap with my personal list of the year's best, but there is no denying the love that has pushed each one of these films into our staff's collective consciousness. If you've been following my writing recently, you're already aware that my contributions to the film side of the site have been curbed as our music coverage has expanded in the last year, but I return here to offer up my thoughts on our #15 selection, Hirokazu Koreeda's exquisite Still Walking. Hopefully this comprehensive list proves worth the wait.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music Review: Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Real Life Is No Cool

"When an artist goes about reinterpreting specific aspects of a foreign culture’s musical language, the results can be oddly striking. Norway’s Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has built a formidable career over the last decade or so by utilizing just such an approach; his brand of epic post-disco straddles early minimalism and vaguely sappy European synth to great effect. Similarly, one culture's spoken word filtered through another's can become something entirely different, and though Lindstrøm's reasoning may be totally unrelated, I can’t help but think that the title of his latest LP, Real Life Is No Cool, is somehow a comment on a similar form of happenstance wherein a broken form of English can actually interpret—and thus illuminate—what was once just a series of incidental words. In any case, Real Life Is No Cool represents yet another stage in the ever-evolving Lindstrøm sound.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

InRO Feature: The Top 25 Songs of 2009

Continuing InRO's year-end features run, today we present 25 of our favorite individual songs of 2009. These aren't ranked, nor were we attempting to give a complete overview of the year, but there is enough here to give you a nice glimpse of some of the better stand alone compositions of the year. Honestly, I don't even really care for the individual song as an idea, as most of you probably know by now (I'm more of an album guy). But nevertheless, I went ahead and singled out 14 of my personal favorites from the past 12 months and contributed capsules for each. Unfortunately, a capsule I wrote for the latest Arthur Russell rarity, "Come to Life" (a B-side from the first single from Chris Taylor's solo project CANT), didn't make the final cut here, presumably to keep this thing at 25 titles, but that's certainly a track worth seeking out. Anyway, you won't find many other lists out there that make room for both Miranda Lambert and Pissed Jeans. Just think about that for a second and enjoy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Podcast: End of Radio #18 - 'The 10 Best Albums of the Decade'

"Once again challenging all notions of patience and good taste, this week your End of Radio co-hosts Jordan Cronk and Jon Staph say goodbye to the decade that was with an epic, 4-hour look back at the best records of the last ten years."

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Directors Guilds of America Nominees

I'm actually a little surprised the DGA bit on Lee Daniels, seeing as how the direction is the film's most noticeable weakness. I honestly still don't expect him to make the Oscar cut. Instead, I'm thinking Lone Sherfig, Michael Haneke, Jane Campion or even Neill Blomkamp take the final slot. Anyway, that's still a ways off. Here are this year's DGA nominees. (via Incontention)

James Cameron, “Avatar”
Kathryn Bigelow, “The Hurt Locker”
Quentin Tarantino, “Inglourious Basterds”
Lee Daniels, “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”
Jason Reitman, “Up in the Air”

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

InRO Feature: The Top 15 Albums of 2009

InReviewOnline has grown quite a bit in the last twelve months, so much so that this is the first year we as a staff are able to offer up collaborative lists of the best albums, films, songs and performances of a given year. Our Top 15 Albums of 2009 list is up first, and being Music Editor, this is obviously where you'll find my largest contributions. In addition to introducing the feature and, perhaps vainly, attempting to sum of the year in music, I also write-up the capsules for our #11 (Armonico Hewa) and #3 picks (Monoliths & Dimensions). A lot of time and effort went into this feature over the past few weeks, so I hope you enjoy. And please let us know what you think.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DVDBeaver's DVD and Blu-ray of the Year 2009

More than just about any other list out there, I look forward to DVDBeaver's annual DVD and Blu-ray of the Year poll with the greatest anticipation. I even bought myself a region free Blu-ray player last week, so many of these more obscure picks will no longer pose a problem for me-- at least compatibility-wise. Not surprisingly, Criterion and Masters of Cinema continue to rule these lists, with the latter taking the top spots on both the DVD and Blu-ray lists. MoC's Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set tops the DVD field, while their much-lauded Blu-ray release of F.W Murnau's Sunsrise (which I just so happened to receive for Christmas) ran away with the Blu-ray poll. As always, there is a lot of interesting stuff worth exploring here, and though I own a larger portion of these discs than I have in the past, the voter's individual lists should provide plenty of research fodder to keep me occupied for the next few months. Anyway, I've got the top ten's below (including a mention for the awesome Friends of Eddie Coyle), but check out all the lists and poll results and individual awards over at DVDBeaver.

DVDs of the Year:
1. The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set (Masters of Cinema)
2. The Exterminating Angel (Criterion)
3. Nikkatsu Noir (Criterion)
4. Wagon Master (Warner)
5. Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics Vol. 1 (Sony)
6. (tie) The Human Condition Trilogy (Criterion)
6. (tie) Man Hunt (20th Century Fox)
6. (tie) Rossellini's History Films (Criterion)
7. (tie) The Sam Fuller Film Collection (Sony)
7. (tie) Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu (Criterion)
8. Il Grido (Masters of Cinema)
9. The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Criterion)
10. (tie) 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (Criterion)
10. (tie) Gaumont Treasures 1897 - 1913 (Kino)
10. (tie) Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes (Criterion)

Blu-rays of the Year:
1. Sunrise (Masters of Cinema)
2. The General (Kino)
3. The Red Shoes (ITV)
4. North by Northwest (Warner)
5. Last Year at Marienbad (Criterion)
6. Playtime (Criterion)
7. Repulsion (Criterion)
8. The Seveth Seal (Criterion)
9. Wings of Desire (Criterion)
10. The Wizard of Oz (Warner)

2010 Producer's Guild Nominees

For those of you out there getting all twitterpated at the prospect of the Academy following the lead of the PGA and going all-out sci-fi, I'd stop and think just who we are dealing with here. Money speaks to the PGA, and while it does still hold sway with AMPAS, that has never stopped them snubbing the likes of The Dark Knight and Dreamgirls. Just sayin. Anyway, here are the PGA nods, now with 100% less Nine.

(via Incontention)

Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures
“District 9″
“An Education”
“The Hurt Locker”
“Inglourious Basterds”
“Star Trek”
“Up in the Air”

PGA Producer of the Year Award in Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures
“Fantastic Mr. Fox”
“The Princess and the Frog”

PGA Producer of the Year Award in Documentary Theatrical Motion Pictures
“Burma VJ”
“The Cove”
“Soundtrack for a Revolution”

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Stylus Decade

Alright, honestly, with so many uninspired decade lists coming down the pike in the last month or so, I had all but resigned myself to my own list of superlatives at this point. It seemed unlikely that any one site could align themselves in large part with my own tastes, but then again, I wasn't expecting the return of Stylus Magazine for one last victory lap. For those unfamiliar, Stylus was an online music magazine which sadly closed-up shop a few years back, but one that, when active, was one of the most influential voices in my early-decade listening habits. Over the years I had kept a close eye on a good majority of their writers (and I still regularly consult their archives), many of whom have gone on to write for larger and more prestigious publications, but I had always lamented the demise of one of the more entertaining and informative music sites out there. So, barring any sort of full-on relaunch, The Stylus Decade should go down as the most unexpectedly awesome gift I've received this holiday season.

And this week, with nearly all of the original writers reconvened, the Stylus staff takes on both the Top 100 Albums and Singles of the Decade. Numbers 100 - 81 have gone up today in both fields, and they will be rolling out the remaining picks throughout the week. But even now, only 20 picks into their albums list, I already see a bold collective voice taking shape which would seem impossible coming from more trend-conscious sites out there. In addition to such ambient landmarks as William Basinski's The Disintegration Loops and Stars of the Lid's ...And Their Refinement of the Decline, they've already made room for Scott Walker's earth-swallowing comeback The Drift and Max Tundra's wild electronic classic Mastered by Guy at the Exchange. Even a few albums that just barely missed my own personal list, such as Jim O'Rourke's Insignificance, Sonic Youth's Sonic Nurse and Half Man Half Biscuit's ridiculously underrated Achtung Bono, have already made satisfying appearances. But I'm sure there is more where that came from (personally, I'm hoping for nice showing for Bark Psychosis' Codename: Dustsucker, as Stylus was one of the only sites to ever give that album the love it deserves) . Of course, I'll be updating this post with the top tens once Friday rolls around, but in the meantime here is one list that is pretty much essential reading. So dig in.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Yearbook (Music): 2000 - 2009

• 2000 - 2009 •

Animal Collective / Sung Tongs
William Basinski / The Disintegration Loops I-IV
Black Dice / Beaches & Canyons
Boards of Canada / Geogaddi
Boredoms / Vision Creation Newsun
Burial / Untrue
Fennesz / Endless Summer
The Fiery Furnaces / Blueberry Boat
Fugazi / The Argument
Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Liars / Drum’s Not Dead
The Microphones / The Glow, Pt. 2
Modest Mouse / The Moon & Antarctica
Panda Bear / Person Pitch
Radiohead / Kid A
Sigur Rós / Ágætis byrjun
Supersilent / 8
Scott Walker / The Drift
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Playthroughs
The Wrens / The Meadowlands

Yearbook (Music): 2009

2000 – 2009
2005200620072008 • 2009 •

Animal Collective / Merriweather Post Pavilion / Fall Be Kind EP
Burial + Four Tet / Moth/Wolf Cub
Circulatory System / Signal Morning
Emeralds / What Happened
Dirty Projectors / Bitte Orca
The Flaming Lips / Embryonic
Tim Hecker / An Imaginary Country
Viviane Houle / Trieze
Mount Eerie / Wind’s Poem
Marissa Nadler / Little Hells
OOIOO / Armonico Hewa
Polvo / In Prism
Sunn O))) / Monoliths & Dimensions
A Sunny Day in Glasgow / Ashes Grammar
Sunset Rubdown / Dragonslayer

Yearbook (Music): 2008

2000 – 2009
200520062007 • 2008 • 2009

Fennesz / Black Sea
Flying Lotus / Los Angeles
Fuck Buttons / Street Horrrsing
Gang Gang Dance / Saint Dymphna
Grouper / Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Lindstrøm / Where You Go I Go Too
Paavoharju / Laulu Laakson Kukista
Portishead / Third
Subtle / ExitingARM
Max Tundra / Parallax Error Beheads You
Chad VanGaalen / Soft Airplane
The Walkmen / You & Me
WHY? / Alopecia
Wolf Parade / At Mount Zoomer
Women / Women

Yearbook (Music): 2007

2000 – 2009
20052006 • 2007 • 20082009

Animal Collective / Strawberry Jam
Battles / Mirrored
James Blackshaw / The Cloud of Unknowing
Burial / Untrue
Deerhunter / Cryptograms / Fluorescent Grey EP
The Field / From Here We Go Sublime
Frog Eyes / Tears of the Valedictorian
Kemialliset Ystävät / Kemialliset Ystävät
Nina Nastasia & Jim White / You Follow Me
Panda Bear / Person Pitch
Pantha du Prince / This Bliss
Jessica Rylan / Interior Designs
Shining / Grindstone
Stars of the Lid / And Their Refinement of the Decline
Supersilent / 8

Yearbook (Music): 2006

2000 – 2009
2005 • 2006 • 200720082009

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti / House Arrest
Califone / Roots & Crowns
Charalambides / A Vintage Burden
Destroyer / Destroyer’s Rubies
Tim Hecker / Harmony in Ultraviolet
J Dilla / Donuts
The Knife / Silent Shout
Liars / Drum’s Not Dead
Mission of Burma / The Obliterati
Joanna Newsom / Ys
OOIOO / Taiga
Subtle / For Hero: For Fool
Sunset Rubdown / Shut Up I Am Dreaming
Scott Walker / The Drift
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Lisbon

Yearbook (Music): 2005

2000 – 2009
• 2005 • 2006200720082009

Akron/Family / Akron/Family
Animal Collective / Feels
Antony and the Johnsons / I Am a Bird Now
Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Matt Sweeney / Superwolf
David Thomas Broughton / The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
Deerhoof / The Runners Four
Eluvium / Talk Amongst the Trees
The Mountain Goats / The Sunset Tree
Okkervil River / Black Sheep Boy
Orthrelm / OV
Paavoharju / Yhä Hämärää
Sunn O))) / Black One
Chad VanGaalen / Infiniheart
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Multiples
Wolf Parade / Apologies to the Queen Mary

Yearbook (Music): 2004

2000 – 2009
2000200120022003 • 2004 •

Animal Collective / Sung Tongs
Devendra Banhart / Rejoicing in the Hands
Björk / Medulla
Charalambides / Joy Shapes
Excepter / KA
Fennesz / Venice
The Fiery Furnaces / Blueberry Boat
Iron & Wine / Our Endless Numbered Days
Magma / KA
Mirah / C'mon Miracle
Joanna Newsom / The Milk-Eyed Mender
Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori / Phantom Orchard
Max Richter / The Blue Notebooks
The Walkmen / Bows + Arrows
Xiu Xiu / Fabulous Muscles

Yearbook (Music): 2003

2000 – 2009
200020012002 • 2003 • 2004

Ellen Allien / Berlinette
Animal Collective / Here Comes the Indian
William Basinski / The Disintegration Loops I-IV
The Books / The Lemon of Pink
Broken Social Scene / You Forgot It in People
Califone / Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
Cat Power / You Are Free
Deerhoof / Apple O’
The Exploding Hearts / Guitar Romantic
Lightning Bolt / Wonderful Rainbow
Manitoba / Up in Flames
Menomena / I Am the Fun Blame Monster
Mu / Afro Finger & Gel
The Shins / Chutes Too Narrow
The Wrens / The Meadowlands

Yearbook (Music): 2002

2000 – 2009
20002001 • 2002 • 20032004

Black Dice / Beaches & Canyons
Boards of Canada / Geogaddi
The Books / Thought for Food
Deerhoof / Reveille
The Fire Show / Saint the Fire Show
Interpol / Turn on the Bright Lights
Liars / They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
Mclusky / Do Dallas
The Mountain Goats / All Hail West Texas
The Notwist / Neon Golden
Sleater-Kinney / One Beat
Songs: Ohia / Didn't It Rain
...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead / Source Tags & Codes 
Max Tundra / Mastered by Guy at the Exchange
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Playthroughs

Yearbook (Music): 2001

2000 – 2009
2000 • 2001 • 200220032004

Circulatory System / Circulatory System
Constantines / Constantines
Destroyer / Streethawk: A Seduction
The Dismemberment Plan / Change
Fennesz / Endless Summer
Fugazi / The Argument
Tim Hecker / Haunt Me, Haunt Me, Do It Again
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists / The Tyranny of Distance
Life Without Buildings / Any Other City
The Microphones / The Glow, Pt. 2
Radiohead / Amnesiac
Stars of the Lid / The Tired Sounds of...
The Strokes / Is This It
Unwound / Leaves Turn Inside You

Yearbook (Music): 2000

2000 – 2009
• 2000 • 2001200220032004

The Avalanches / Since I Left You
Boredoms / Vision Creation Newsun
Clinic / Internal Wrangler
Enon / Believo!
Gas / Pop
Godspeed You! Black Emperor / Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Les Savy Fav / Rome (Written Upside Down) EP
Luomo / Vocalcity
The Microphones / It Was Hot, We Stayed In the Water
Modest Mouse / The Moon & Antarctica
 • The New Pornographers / Mass Romantic
Radiohead / Kid A
Sigur Rós / Ágætis byrjun
Sleater-Kinney / All Hands on the Bad One
Yo La Tengo / And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

Yearbook (Film): 2000 - 2009

• 2000 - 2009 •
200020012002 20032004
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Beau Travail / Claire Denis
Caché / Michael Haneke
The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu / Cristi Puiu
Eureka / Shinji Aoyama
Evolution of a Filipino Family / Lav Diaz
Goodbye, Dragon Inn / Tsai Ming-liang
In Praise of Love / Jean-Luc Godard
In Vanda's Room / Pedro Costa
La libertad / Lisandro Alonso
Los Angeles Plays Itself / Thom Andersen
Mulholland Dr. / David Lynch
The New World / Terrence Malick
Platform / Jia Zhangke
Russian Ark / Aleksandr Sokurov
Syndromes and a Century / Apichatpong Weerasethakul
There Will Be Blood / Paul Thomas Anderson
Three Times / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Werkmeister Harmonies / Béla Tarr
The Wind Will Carry Us / Abbas Kiarostami
Yi Yi / Edward Yang

Updated 01.13.12

Yearbook (Film): 2009

2000 – 2009
200020012002 20032004
2005 2006 2007 2008 • 2009 •

24 City / Jia Zhangke
35 Shots of Rum / Claire Denis
Birdsong / Albert Serra
The Headless Woman / Lucrecia Martel
Inglourious Basterds / Quentin Tarantino
The Limits of Control / Jim Jarmusch
Liverpool / Lisandro Alonso
Night and Day / Hong Sangsoo
Police, Adjective / Corneliu Porumboiu
Silent Light / Carlos Reygadas
Still Walking / Hirokazu Koreeda
Summer Hours / Olivier Assayas
The Sun / Aleksandr Sokurov
Tokyo Sonata / Kiyoshi Kurosawa
The White Ribbon / Michael Haneke

Yearbook (Film): 2008

2000 – 2009
200020012002 20032004
2005 2006 2007 • 2008 • 2009

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days / Cristian Mungui
Boarding Gate / Olivier Assayas
A Christmas Tale / Arnaud Desplechin
The Duchess of Langeais / Jacques Rivette
Flight of the Red Balloon / Hou Hsiao-hsien
In the City of Sylvia / José Luis Guerín
My Winnipeg / Guy Maddin
Paranoid Park / Gus Van Sant
Profit motive and the whispering wind / John Gianvito
The Romance of Astrea & Celadon / Éric Rohmer
The Secret of the Grain / Abdel Kechiche
Sparrow / Johnnie To
Still Life / Jia Zhangke
Wendy & Lucy / Kelly Reichardt
Woman on the Beach / Hong Sangsoo

Yearbook (Film): 2007

2000 – 2009
200020012002 20032004
2005 2006 • 2007 • 2008 2009

The Assassination of Jesse James... / Andrew Dominik
Black Book / Paul Verhoeven
Colossal Youth / Pedro Costa
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone / Tsai Ming-liang
I’m Not There / Todd Haynes
Longing / Valeska Grisebach
Los muertos / Lisandro Alonso
No Country for Old Men / Joel & Ethan Coen
Offside / Jafar Panahi
Private Fears in Public Places / Alain Resnais
RR / James Benning
Syndromes and a Century / Apichatpong Weerasethakul
There Will Be Blood / Paul Thomas Anderson
West of the Tracks / Wang Bing
Zodiac / David Fincher

Yearbook (Film): 2006

2000 – 2009
200020012002 20032004
2005 2006 • 2007 2008 2009

Battle in Heaven / Carlos Reygadas
Children of Men / Alfonso Cuarón
Climates / Nuri Bilge Ceylan
The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu / Cristi Puiu
Déjà Vu / Tony Scott
The Departed / Martin Scorsese
L'Enfant /Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Inland Empire / David Lynch
Miami Vice / Michael Mann
Old Joy / Kelly Reichardt
Pan’s Labyrinth / Guillermo Del Toro
Three Times / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Two Drifters / João Pedro Rodrigues
When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts / Spike Lee
Workingman’s Death / Michael Glawogger

Yearbook (Film): 2005

2000 – 2009
200020012002 20032004
• 2005 • 2006 2007 2008 2009

2046 / Wong Kar-wai
Caché / Michael Haneke
Café Lumiere / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Grizzly Man / Werner Herzog
A History of Violence / David Cronenberg
The Holy Girl / Lucrecia Martel
The Intruder / Claire Denis
Kings and Queen / Arnaud Desplechin
Last Days / Gus Van Sant
Memories of Murder / Bong Joon-ho
The New World / Terrence Malick
Regular Lovers / Phillipe Garrel
Saraband / Ingmar Bergman
Tropical Malady / Apichatpong Weerasethakul
The World / Jia Zhangke

Yearbook (Film): 2004

2000 – 2009
200020012002 2003 • 2004 •
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

13 Lakes / James Benning
Before Sunset / Richard Linklater
Crimson Gold / Jafar Panahi
Distant / Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Dogville / Lars von Trier
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Michel Gondry
Evolution of a Filipino Family / Lav Diaz
Goodbye, Dragon Inn / Tsai Ming-liang
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 / Quentin Tarantino
Los Angeles Plays Itself / Thom Andersen
Moolaadé / Ousmane Sembene
Notre musique / Jean-Luc Godard
Springtime in a Small Town / Tian Zhuangzhuang
Star Spangled to Death / Ken Jacobs
Tarnation / Jonathan Caouette

Updated 08.23.12

Yearbook (Film): 2003

2000 – 2009
200020012002 • 2003 • 2004
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Capturing the Friedmans / Andrew Jarecki
Come and Go / João César Monteiro
demonlover / Olivier Assayas
Elephant / Gus Van Sant
Friday Night / Claire Denis
Gerry / Gus Van Sant
Kill Bill Vol. 1 / Quentin Tarantino
Lost In Translation / Sofia Coppola
The Man Without a Past / Aki Kaurismäki
Millennium Mambo / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Mystic River / Clint Eastwood
Platform / Jia Zhangke
The Son / Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Ten / Abbas Kiarostami
Unknown Pleasures / Jia Zhangke

Yearbook (Film): 2002

2000 – 2009
20002001 • 2002 • 20032004
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

25th Hour / Spike Lee
Adaptation. / Spike Jonze
Blissfully Yours / Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Femme Fatale / Brian De Palma
I'm Going Home / Manoel de Oliveira
In Praise of Love / Jean-Luc Godard
The Lady and the Duke / Éric Rohmer
Russian Ark / Aleksandr Sokurov
Spider / David Cronenberg
Spirited Away / Hayao Miyazaki
Talk to Her / Pedro Almodóvar
Trouble Every Day / Claire Denis
Turning Gate / Hong Sangsoo
The Uncertainty Principle / Manoel de Oliveira
What Time Is It There? / Tsai Ming-liang

Yearbook (Film): 2001

2000 – 2009
2000 • 2001 • 2002 20032004
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

A.I. Artificial Intelligence / Steven Spielberg
La ciénaga / Lucrecia Martel
The Circle / Jafar Panahi
Eureka / Shinji Aoyama
Fat Girl / Catherine Briellet
Ghost World / Terry Zwigoff
The Gleaners and I / Agnès Varda
In the Mood for Love / Wong Kar-wai
La libertad / Lisandro Alonso
The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein / John Gianvito
Mulholland Dr. / David Lynch
The Royal Tenenbaums / Wes Anderson
Songs from the Second Floor / Roy Andersson
Va savior / Jacques Rivette
Werkmeister Harmonies / Béla Tarr

Updated 02.05.12

Yearbook (Film): 2000

2000 – 2009
2000 • 20012002 20032004
2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

Almost Famous / Cameron Crowe
Beau Travail / Claire Denis
La captive / Chantal Akerman
George Washington / David Gordon Green
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai / Jim Jarmusch
The Heart of the World / Guy Maddin
The House of Mirth / Terence Davies
L'humanité / Bruno Dumont
In Vanda's Room / Pedro Costa
Pola X / Leos Carax
Taboo / Nagisa Oshima
Time Regained / Raoúl Ruiz
Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors / Hong Sangsoo
The Wind Will Carry Us / Abbas Kiarostami
Yi Yi / Edward Yang

Note: All Yearbook entries prior to the year 2000 will be designated by their official international release date. From the new millennium forward, U.S. release dates will take precedence. Hence, the overlap between decades.

Yearbook (Film): 1990 - 1999

• 1990 - 1999 •

Abraham’s Valley / Manoel de Oliveira
La Belle Noiseuse / Jacques Rivette
A Brighter Summer Day / Edward Yang
Chungking Express / Wong Kar-wai
Crumb / Terry Zwigoff
Drifting Clouds / Aki Kaurismäki
D'est / Chantal Akerman
Exotica / Atom Egoyan
Eyes Wide Shut / Stanley Kubrick
Goodbye South, Goodbye / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Goodfellas / Martin Scorsese
A Moment of Innocence / Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Mother and Son / Alexandr Sokurov
Naked / Mike Leigh
Nouvelle vague / Jean-Luc Godard
The Quince Tree Sun / Victor Erice
Safe / Todd Haynes
Sátántangó / Béla Tarr
The Thin Red Line / Terence Malick
• Through the Olive Trees / Abbas Kiarostami

Yearbook (Film): 1999

1990 - 1999
1995199619971998 • 1999 •

Beau Travail / Claire Denis
Eyes Wide Shut / Stanley Kubrick
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai / Jim Jarmusch
God’s Wedding / João César Monteiro
L'humanité / Bruno Dumont
The Letter / Manoel de Oliveira
Magnolia / Paul Thomas Anderson
M/Other / Nobuhiro Suwa
Night Wind / Phillippe Garrel
Pola X / Léos Carax
Rosetta / Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne
Sicilia! / Jean-Marie Straub & Daniele Huillet
Taboo / Nagisa Oshima
Time Regained / Raoúl Ruiz
The Wind Will Carry Us / Abbas Kiarostami

Yearbook (Film): 1998

1990 - 1999
199519961997 • 1998 • 1999

After Life / Hirokazu Koreeda
An Autumn Tale / Éric Rohmer
Dr. Akagi / Shohei Imamura
Flowers of Shanghai / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Histoire(s) du Cinema / Jean-Luc Godard
The Hole / Tsai Ming-liang
Inquietude / Manoel de Oliveira
Khrustalyov, My Car! / Alexei Gherman
Killer / Darezhan Omirbaev
The Last Days of Disco / Whit Stillman
Late Autumn, Early September / Olivier Assayas
New Rose Hotel / Abel Ferrara
The Power of Kangwon Province / Hong Sangsoo
Rushmore / Wes Anderson
The Thin Red Line / Terence Malick

Yearbook (Film): 1997

1990 - 1999
19951996 • 1997 • 19981999

Boogie Nights / Paul Thomas Anderson
Cure / Kiyoshi Kurosawa
The Eel / Shohei Imamura
Fireworks / Takeshi Kitano
Happy Together / Wong Kar-wai
The Ice Storm / Ang Lee
Jackie Brown / Quentin Tarantino
Lost Highway / David Lynch
Mother and Son / Alexandr Sokurov
Ossos / Pedro Costa
The River / Tsai Ming-liang
The Sweet Hereafter / Atom Egoyan
Taste of Cherry / Abbas Kiarostami
La vie de Jésus / Bruno Dumont
Xiao Wu / Jia Zhangke

Yearbook (Film): 1996

1990 - 1999
1995 • 1996 • 199719981999

Bottle Rocket / Wes Anderson
Breaking the Waves / Lars von Trier
Crash / David Cronenberg
Drifting Clouds / Aki Kaurismäki
Fargo / Joel Coen
Gabbeh / Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Goodbye South, Goodbye / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Irma Vep / Olivier Assayas
My Sex Life...or How I Got Into an Argument / Arnaud Desplechin
A Moment of Innocence / Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Party / Manoel de Oliveira
The Portrait of a Lady / Jane Campion
La promesse / Jean Pierre & Luc Dardenne
A Summer's Tale / Éric Rohmer
Thieves / André Téchine

Yearbook (Film): 1995

1990 - 1999
• 1995 • 1996199719981999

The Addiction / Abel Ferrara
Before Sunrise / Richard Linklater
The Bridges of Madison County / Clint Eastwood
La cérémonie / Claude Chabrol
The Convent / Manoel de Oliveira
Dead Man / Jim Jarmusch
Fallen Angels / Wong Kar-wai
From the Journals of Jean Seberg / Mark Rappaport
God’s Comedy / João César Monteiro
Kicking and Screaming / Noah Baumbach
Maborosi / Hirokazu Koreeda
Safe / Todd Haynes
Showgirls / Paul Verhoeven
Spiritual Voices / Aleksandr Sokurov
Underground / Emir Kusturica

Yearbook (Film): 1994

1990 - 1999
1990199119921993 • 1994 •

Ashes of Time / Wong Kar-wai
Chungking Express / Wong Kar-wai
Cold Water / Olivier Assayas
Crumb / Terry Zwigoff
Exotica / Atom Egoyan
In the Heat of the Sun / Jiang Wen
JLG/JLG / Jean-Luc Godard
Joan the Maid / Jacques Rivette
Portrait of a Young Girl at the End of the 1960s in Brussels / Chantal Akerman
Pulp Fiction / Quentin Tarantino
Red / Krzysztof Kieślowski
Sátántangó / Béla Tarr
Through the Olive Trees / Abbas Kiarostami
U.S. Go Home / Claire Denis
Vive L'amour / Tsai Ming-liang

Yearbook (Film): 1993

1990 - 1999
199019911992 • 1993 • 1994

Abraham’s Valley / Manoel de Oliveira
The Birth of Love / Philippe Garrel
Blue / Krzysztof Kieślowski
The Blue Kite / Tian Zhuangzhuang
Carlito's Way / Brian De Palma
Dangerous Game / Abel Ferrara
Dazed and Confused / Richard Linklater
D'est / Chantal Akerman
The Last Bolshevik / Chris Marker
Naked / Mike Leigh
A Perfect World / Clint Eastwood
The Puppetmaster / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Short Cuts / Robert Altman
Smoking/No Smoking / Alain Resnais
Sonatine / Takeshi Kitano

Yearbook (Film): 1992

1990 - 1999
19901991 • 1992 • 19931994

• Bad Lieutenant / Abel Ferrara
Centre Stage / Stanley Kwan
Guelwaar / Ousmane Sembène
Husbands and Wives / Woody Allen
Hyenas / Djibril Diop Mambéty
Lessons of Darkness / Werner Herzog
Life, and Nothing More… / Abbas Kiarostami
The Long Day Closes / Terence Davies
The Quince Tree Sun / Victor Erice
Rebels of the Neon God / Tsai Ming-liang
Rock Hudson's Home Movies / Mark Rappaport
Stone / Aleksandr Sokurov
A Tale of Winter / Éric Rohmer
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me / David Lynch
Unforgiven / Clint Eastwood

Yearbook (Film): 1991

1990 - 1999
1990 • 1991 • 199219931994

Agantuk / Satyajit Ray
Les Amants du Pont-Neuf / Léos Carax
Barton Fink / Joel Coen
La Belle Noiseuse / Jacques Rivette
A Brighter Summer Day / Edward Yang
Days of Being Wild / Wong Kar-wai
Defending Your Life / Albert Brooks
The Double Life of Véronique / Krzysztof Kieślowski
J'entends plus la guitare / Philippe Garrel
Germany Year 90 Nine Zero / Jean-Luc Godard
My Own Private Idaho / Gus Van Sant
Night and Day / Chantal Akerman
Raise the Red Lantern / Zhang Yimou
Side/Walk/Shuttle / Ernie Gehr
Van Gogh / Maurice Pialat

Yearbook (Film): 1990

1990 - 1999
• 1990 • 1991199219931994

An Angel at My Table / Jane Campion
Archangel / Guy Maddin
Boiling Point / Takeshi Kitano
Close-Up / Abbas Kiarostami
Goodfellas / Martin Scorsese
The Match Factory Girl / Aki Kaurismäki
Metropolitan / Whit Stillman
No, or the Vainglory of Command / Manoel de Oliveira
No Fear, No Die / Claire Denis
Nouvelle vague / Jean-Luc Godard
The Second Circle / Aleksandr Sokurov
To Sleep with Anger / Charles Burnett
A Tale of Springtime / Éric Rohmer 
• Trust / Hal Hartley 
White Hunter, Black Heart / Clint Eastwood

Yearbook (Film): 1980 - 1989

• 1980 - 1989 •

L’argent / Robert Bresson
Berlin Alexanderplatz / Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Blue Velvet / David Lynch
A City of Sadness / Hou Hsiao-hsien
The Decalogue / Krzysztof Kieślowski
Fanny and Alexander / Ingmar Bergman
Francisca / Manoel de Oliveira
The Green Ray / Éric Rohmer
The Horse Thief / Tian Zhuangzhuang
Love Streams / John Cassavetes
Mauvais sang / Léos Carax
Mélo / Alain Resnais
Once Upon a Time in America / Sergio Leone
The Sacrifice / Andrei Tarkovsky
The Shining / Stanley Kubrick
Shoah / Claude Lanzmann
Taipei Story / Edward Yang
Three Crowns of the Sailor / Raoúl Ruiz
Videodrome / David Cronenberg
Wings of Desire / Wim Wenders

Yearbook (Film): 1989

1980 - 1989
1985198619871988 • 1989 •

The Asthenic Syndrome / Kira Muratova
Black Rain / Shohei Imamura
Central Park / Frederick Wiseman 
A City of Sadness / Hou Hsiao-hsien
Crimes and Misdemeanors / Woody Allen
The Decalogue / Krzysztof Kieślowski
Do the Right Thing / Spike Lee
Gang of Four / Jacques Rivette
Images of the World and the Inscription of War / Haron Farocki
Mystery Train / Jim Jarmusch
Recollections of the Yellow House / João César Monteiro
O Sangue / Pedro Costa
Say Anything... / Cameron Crowe
sex, lies, and videotape / Steven Soderbergh
Sweetie / Jane Campion