Monday, December 13, 2010

PopMatters Feature: The Best 70 Albums of 2010

Today PopMatters continues their two-week retrospective of the year in music with our biggest list yet, the 70 best albums of 2010. Once again, I contributed my personal top 10 to the site, and while I'm not quite done finalizing my Yearbook 15, I will reveal that about nine of the albums overlap between the two, which is saying something. Should be no surprise at this point that one of these is Oneohtrix Point Never's breakthrough LP, Returnal, placing here at #67 and on which I offer my thoughts at my editor's request. I feel like I've written about the album so much by now though, that's it's hard to convey just how great this thing is, but the mileage I've gotten out of it in less than a year is truly impressive. I can't honestly say that I agree with everything that made the final cut here, however-- some of it skews a little too close to the middle for my liking, but at the same time the breadth on display is amongst the most generous currently on the web. I helped out with the site's Best Reissues of 2010 list as well, which should be dropping by week's end, so stay tuned another PopMatters dispatch in the next few days.

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