Monday, December 6, 2010

PopMatters Feature: The 60 Best Singles of 2010

Today over at Popmatters, we kick off our two-week retrospective look at the year in music. Things get started with the 60 Best Singles of 2010. It's a pretty wide-ranging list, showing off the diversity of the staff, and as a result, I'd say most of the year's major trends and genres are represented. For my part, I contributed lists of my favorite songs, reissues and albums of the year, and was asked here to write-up our #36 selection, Oneohtrix Point Never's "Returnal (Voice by Antony)". Other tracks which I voted for that make an appearance are the Frog Eyes epic "A Flower in a Glove" (#44) and my personal #1 choice, Ariel Pink's "Round and Round" (which topped out here at #8). There will be genre-specific lists coming later in the week from a variety of writers, but continue to check back for my contributions to the reissues and albums lists.

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