Friday, December 24, 2010

InRO Feature: Year in Review 2010 - Staff Lists: Jordan Cronk (Music)

I revealed my fifteen favorite albums of 2010 yesterday via my annual Yearbook entry, but today at InReviewOnline I go all in with a good 3,500 words on my official top 10, along with some thoughts on five songs that helped define the year for me. I don't really have much to add that I don't already touch on in at least some fashion in this feature, so all I can really do is point you over there. When you're done though, I'd recommend browsing some of our other staff lists as well, since the diversity on display is really indicative of the quality we were consistently offered this year. And keep an eye out next week for our staff-wide lists of the best films and albums of 2010. To my mind, however, you can't do much better than these ten. Merry Christmas and happy listening.

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