Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stream: End of Radio SoundCloud Mix #5

With the ridiculous amount of reissues and compilations coming down the pike over the last month or so, I thought it would be of some service to dedicate this latest EoR Mix to a dozen or so selections from some of the very best available. Obviously, with the tunes running such a diverse stylistic gamut, don't expect much in the way of cohesion or flow-- this is more for the curious listener overwhelmed by the sheer amount of classic material now at one's fingertips. Some of this stuff is more well known that others, of course, so in the case of the recognized classics I've done my best to highlight bonus tracks or rarities whenever possible. Other than that, it's hard to imagine anyone fretting over the dearth of new old classics to discover. At least until 2011.

Also, if you're curious about album info, you can click on over to our official SoundCloud page for further information about each track. Enjoy.

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