Friday, November 19, 2010

Download: Black Tambourine Cassette

"These mixes were transferred from a copy of the original Black Tambourine cassette. The songs were recorded at Upland by Barrett Jones, then mixed at Inner Ear by Don Zientara. Soon after the first Black Tambourine single (By Tomorrow) was released, the master tape containing all of the original studio mixes was stolen from a car. The songs that weren't included on that single were quickly remixed by Mike & Archie at a home studio, so that they could be quickly released as a second single and compilation track.

Here's the thing:

There are no major differences between the mixes included here and the remixed, previously released versions. They come from the same performances and recordings. The differences are fairly subtle-- doubled vocals on Can't Explain and For Ex-Lovers Only, a long feedback ending to Throw Aggi Off The Bridge, different effects & treatments (reverb, reverb, reverb). The vocals are somehow buried even more, and the guitars sound louder.

Beneath the cassette hiss and crackle, we think these Don Zientara mixes sound great, and we want them to be available.

The cassette mixes of Black Car, Drown, By Tomorrow, and Pack You Up are not included here, since they are identical to the ones released on the By Tomorrow single, Complete Recordings, and the Black Tambourine anthology." [Text and download via the BT Bandcamp; Tip via P4k News]
Also, Jon Staph and I talked a little bit about Black Tambourine and their aforementioned self-titled anthology compilation on a recent reissue-oriented podcast. Check that here.

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