Friday, October 8, 2010

Stream: End of Radio Soundcloud Mix #3

While I'm attempting to wrangle up another suitable guest host for the next official End of Radio podcast-- if you recall, Brian filled in last week, and he may very well be returning on a more regular basis-- there should be plenty of music to keep your ears satisfied at our Soundcloud page. Thus far, I haven't really applied any sort of rhyme or reason to the tune selection outside of my own personally implied recommendation, but as I put together this third mix, the tracks began to eerily align around an axis of minimal, ambient and progressive techno. It wasn't really a conscious decision, but once the pattern arose I decided to go ahead and attempt to chart a kind of crossroads between these genre variants and some outlying territories such a improvised noise and looped-based psychedelia. What you'll hear below, then, is a 9-track, one hour mix of tranquil, minimalist beauty, swelling drones, and hypnotic theme and variation. Tune in, drop out.

Note: Every third End of Radio Soundcloud update will result in a past mix being deleted as we continue to add new tracks to accommodate each new mix. So in other words, if you are interested in listening we'd recommend doing so within a couple weeks of each post, because once they're gone, they're gone for good.

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