Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Videos: Deerhunter Cover Scott Walker; Feist Teams With Little Wings

I don't make it a habit to post all that many performance clips around these parts, if only because the best of them tend to make the rounds pretty thoroughly-- and I'm sure these will be no different. However, when I came across these two clips today I felt the need to pass them along for very specific reasons. First, you'll find a live b&w clip of Atlanta indie-rock titans Deerhunter, who recently took on Scott Walker's immortal "30 Century Man". The band's newest record, Halycon Digest, which I didn't get the chance to officially review-- that privilege went to Sam C. Mac, whose sentiments I agree with wholeheartedly-- but would like to take this opportunity to fully endorse as one of the year's best, is out on 4AD right now. Also, I never really thought about it, but the record does have a bit in common with Walker's late-60s pop records. Perhaps this is a slight nod in that direction.

Below that it is quaint little nature clip featuring indie-pop goddess Leslie Feist and freak-folk survivor Kyle Field of Little Wings performing the latter's fantastic mid-aughts acoustic ditty "Look at What the Light Did Now", which myself and Jon Staph talked about at length in a recent edition of the End of Radio. On the show, I mention that I had no idea what Field had been up to recently, but rollin' with Feist certainly isn't a bad way to reacquaint yourself with indie audiences. In fact, Feist's forthcoming documentary is directly named after this song, so it's nice to see her paying the man a little love with this performance, which I'm sure will be included somewhere on the DVD/CD package of the film that is in the works (the doc is currently making the rounds through a series of special engagement screenings). Check 'em both out after the cut, via P4k News.

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