Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stream: End of Radio Soundcloud Mix #1

With the Toronto International Film Festival looming, it's looking like the End of Radio (and InRO as whole, mostly) will be taking a little break as a handful of our writers make the trek to the great white north. With that in mind, I figured this would be a good time to launch our very own Soundcloud profile, where Jon and myself can post any tracks we like and any given time, without the hassle of sitting down to record, edit and upload to iTunes. Regular End of Radio podcasts will continue of course, but this gives us an easy way to supplement our proper shows with even more music for your listening enjoyment. Continue to check back, as I plan on droppin new mixes every week or so, or at the very least on EoR off-weeks. Our first mix, which features left-field funk, drone, folk, industrial and post-rock, is available now, and you can stream it below or at our Soundcloud page.

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