Friday, September 24, 2010

Loosely Based On Bees

I have nothing much to add to what the good folks at Altered Zones say about this fascinating process piece from Koen Holtkamp, one half of the great ambient duo Mountains. I'll let them take over, then, but be sure to check out the awesome excerpt video below:
"'Loosely Based on Bees' is a 16 minute apiological sound experiment from Koen Holtkamp of Mountains. Recorded on a fellow bee lover's Philadelphia rooftop, Bees compiles multiple processed field recordings over guitar and synth. At the beginning of the piece, instruments build around the deep drone of the bees. As time goes by, the presence of the bees softens and instruments take the lead, blurring the lines between sounds made from nature and those made by man. Saturated yet intricate, these electronic honey-tones lull the senses as our bodies are lowered deep into the hive.

Gravity/Bees is a part of the Dissolving Localities Project, an international collaboration between artists of America and Isreal to create an alternate environment by fusing sound and video pieces together. Pre-orders start on October 19th in anticipation of its November 2nd release."

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