Thursday, September 2, 2010

American: Exhibits from the C.F. Kane Museum

Well, this looks like it could be very interesting. The first 30-minute sequence of the project (entitled "Screen") is available to watch after the cut. But first, a brief description from B. Kite at Moving Image Source (via the Mubi Notebook):
"American: Exhibits from the C.F. Kane Museum is projected to be a six-part investigation into the work, life, and myths of Orson Welles. It's structured around a series of objects that appear in Citizen Kane. As Manny Farber noted of Kane (with accuracy, if little affection): "The story was presented in such complicated ways and made so portentous with the shadows of meaning cast off by a hundred symbols that you could read almost anything into it, including what Welles had put there.

Part 1, "Screen," is basically a prologue and sets up a guiding (non)image for the whole series in Xanadu, the impossible object. Part 2, "Snowglobe," looks at the myth of the Golden Time, which haunts Welles's work. Part 3, which will probably be finished someday, will be called "Sled" and will poke around the intersection of biography and forgery."

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