Friday, August 27, 2010

La Chanson De Slogan

While at first glance this may simply seem like a lame excuse to post the above pic, I also think it's well worth pointing out that said pictorial subjects, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, have just this week had their seminal collaborative album reissued for the very first time in the States. Not only is the record one of the true essentials of the late 60s, but it's also one of Gainsbourg's most influential and controversial pairings of his entire career. The album proper is pretty well written up around the web, but the bonus cut amended to the reissue, "La Chanson De Slogan", is what has been quietly killing me as I revisit the album. The track has shown up on most overseas reissues, so it's not exactly a rarity (it was originally issued as a single on the Slogan soundtrack the duo cut in '68), but on the occasion of it's US debut, I thought I'd pass along a little Youtube montage featuring the song. So check that after the cut, and go ahead and dim the lights and dig the softcore sax stylings which punctuate each movement-- pure Gainsbourg.

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