Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beaterblocker #2

The Beaterblocker label is now offering an eight song charity compilation featuring unreleased tracks by a slew of my favorite current experimental sound artists, including Eluvium, Nite Jewel, Es, David Daniell, and the one and only Keith Fullerton Whitman. It's only £5 and it benefits the London-based Homerton Hospital. Pretty sweet deal. Below you'll find a video of KFW updating a patch he originally performed at the 2008 No-Fun fest, and though it has no relation to the comp (that I can find at least), this is the first that have I seen and/or heard of this piece. In fact, there are many interesting clips on KFW's Vimeo page for the more adventurous amongst you to peruse. Give it a spin and grab the comp at Diogenes.

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