Monday, June 28, 2010

Dusted's Mid-Year Roundup 2010

Dusted are always good for singling out some underrated or overlooked records on their various lists throughout the year, and their 2010 'Mid-Year Roundup' is no different. Granted, there is some overlap between their picks and what will be on my personal half-year list-- most of which I previewed on the latest End of Radio podcast, and an official version of which I'll be posting in the coming days-- but it's always good to give the spotlight over to some records that will inevitably be overshadowed by whatever upstart lo-fi act is currently riding the hype machine. I've even reviewed a couple of these records-- and plan on reviewing at least one more-- so the curious should follow the appropriate links to find out more. I've got the list of ten after the jump, but head over to Dusted to check out the individual write-ups.

The Fall / Your Future Our Clutter
The Feeling of Love / OK Judge Revival
Omar Khorshid / Guitar El Chark
Lee Konitz, Chris Cheek & Stephane Furic Leibovici / Jugendstil II
Lorn / Nothing Else
Mi Ami / Steal Your Face
Oneohtrix Point Never / Returnal
Owen Pallett / Heartland
Jack Rose / Luck in the Valley
Sightings / City of Straw

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