Monday, March 8, 2010

Sad and Beautiful World...

When word came down late Saturday night that Mark Linkous had taken his own life, it hit me rather hard-- much harder than expected. Even with so many unexpected deaths as of late-- Jay Reatard, Jack Rose, Vic Chestnutt, etc.-- this news in particular rattled me as a fan. Fairly or unfairly, something about the troubled artist will always remain a romantic notion for most, but there's no denying that Linkous and Sparklehorse still had music and art to contribute to this world. Jon and I are already brainstorming a Sparklehorse podcast for the coming weeks, during which I will elaborate a bit more on my feelings about Linkous and his fragile persona. Below, however, is a video that really cuts to heart of Linkous' long-documented inner turmoil. Sad and beautiful indeed. Also, unforgettable. RIP.

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