Sunday, January 10, 2010

InRO Feature: The Top 25 Songs of 2009

Continuing InRO's year-end features run, today we present 25 of our favorite individual songs of 2009. These aren't ranked, nor were we attempting to give a complete overview of the year, but there is enough here to give you a nice glimpse of some of the better stand alone compositions of the year. Honestly, I don't even really care for the individual song as an idea, as most of you probably know by now (I'm more of an album guy). But nevertheless, I went ahead and singled out 14 of my personal favorites from the past 12 months and contributed capsules for each. Unfortunately, a capsule I wrote for the latest Arthur Russell rarity, "Come to Life" (a B-side from the first single from Chris Taylor's solo project CANT), didn't make the final cut here, presumably to keep this thing at 25 titles, but that's certainly a track worth seeking out. Anyway, you won't find many other lists out there that make room for both Miranda Lambert and Pissed Jeans. Just think about that for a second and enjoy.

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Sam C. Mac said...

Yeah, I cut Arthur and two of Chris' to make room for my three. Otherwise we'd look very racist, I assure you.