Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DVDBeaver's DVD and Blu-ray of the Year 2009

More than just about any other list out there, I look forward to DVDBeaver's annual DVD and Blu-ray of the Year poll with the greatest anticipation. I even bought myself a region free Blu-ray player last week, so many of these more obscure picks will no longer pose a problem for me-- at least compatibility-wise. Not surprisingly, Criterion and Masters of Cinema continue to rule these lists, with the latter taking the top spots on both the DVD and Blu-ray lists. MoC's Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set tops the DVD field, while their much-lauded Blu-ray release of F.W Murnau's Sunsrise (which I just so happened to receive for Christmas) ran away with the Blu-ray poll. As always, there is a lot of interesting stuff worth exploring here, and though I own a larger portion of these discs than I have in the past, the voter's individual lists should provide plenty of research fodder to keep me occupied for the next few months. Anyway, I've got the top ten's below (including a mention for the awesome Friends of Eddie Coyle), but check out all the lists and poll results and individual awards over at DVDBeaver.

DVDs of the Year:
1. The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set (Masters of Cinema)
2. The Exterminating Angel (Criterion)
3. Nikkatsu Noir (Criterion)
4. Wagon Master (Warner)
5. Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics Vol. 1 (Sony)
6. (tie) The Human Condition Trilogy (Criterion)
6. (tie) Man Hunt (20th Century Fox)
6. (tie) Rossellini's History Films (Criterion)
7. (tie) The Sam Fuller Film Collection (Sony)
7. (tie) Travels with Hiroshi Shimizu (Criterion)
8. Il Grido (Masters of Cinema)
9. The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Criterion)
10. (tie) 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (Criterion)
10. (tie) Gaumont Treasures 1897 - 1913 (Kino)
10. (tie) Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes (Criterion)

Blu-rays of the Year:
1. Sunrise (Masters of Cinema)
2. The General (Kino)
3. The Red Shoes (ITV)
4. North by Northwest (Warner)
5. Last Year at Marienbad (Criterion)
6. Playtime (Criterion)
7. Repulsion (Criterion)
8. The Seveth Seal (Criterion)
9. Wings of Desire (Criterion)
10. The Wizard of Oz (Warner)

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