Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rolling Stone's Top 10 Films of 2009 (and the Decade)

Peter Travers is just about the only reason I pay attention to anything Rolling Stone does anymore (though not for many reasons pertaining to his actual opinion about movies mind you), and as the resident film critic he's once again chimed in with his annual top 10 list, as well as his selections for the best films of the decade. Oddly enough, the only film I don't like on these lists is his #1 of this year, the blatantly over-directed and manipulative Precious. Other than that, however, we've got just a couple overlapping titles on both of our respective lists, though I won't officially get around to unleashing mine until the last week of December. Until then, enjoy these lists.

Rolling Stone's Top 10 Films of 2009:

1. Precious
2. Up in the Air
3. The Hurt Locker
4. An Education
5. Up
6. Where the Wild Things Are
7. A Serious Man
8. District 9
9. (500) Days of Summer
10. The Messenger

Rolling Stone's Top 10 Films of the Decade:

1. There Will Be Blood
2. Children of Men
3. Mulholland Drive
4. A History of Violence
5. No Country for Old Men
6. The Incredibles
7. Brokeback Mountain
8. The Departed
9. Mystic River
10. The Lord of the Rings: The Trilogy

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shobhit bhatnagar said...

there will be blood ranked1# spot in best movies of decade same magazine ranked that movie 7# in the best movies of 2007 how could a movie not even in top 5 movies of the year but a movie of decade