Monday, December 14, 2009

At the Movies - Top 10 of the Decade Countdown: #3

Another couple of solid decade picks for the new hosts of At the Movies this week, one of which is rather infamous and one of the more obscure variety. They seem to be trading off in this regard. I have no idea where they go from here, however, though I'd imagine There Will Be Blood would be in the top two of at least one of their lists. We shall see.


Sam C. Mac said...

"There Will Be Blood" won't be on either list. And Scott's #1 is "Yi Yi." That's all I know.

Stereo Sanctity said...

You're probably right. I don't really remember either of these guys totally flipping for "Blood", though honestly I don't fully remember one way or the other. And I really do hope "Yi Yi" is Scott's #1. That's a film that just continues to grow in stature with me as I live with it. At this point I think it is all but guaranteed a spot on my personal top 10 of the decade.