Monday, December 21, 2009

At the Movies - Top 10 of the Decade Countdown: #2

I'm not sure if the term "misunderstood masterpiece" applies to any modern film better than Steven Spielberg's extraordinary A.I. Artificial Intelligence, A.O. Scott's selection as the second best film of the decade. I can't say I was expecting this film to pop up on this list, however, particularly after Michael Phillips extolled the virtues of Minority Report earlier on in this countdown, with nary a word from Scott. Anyhow, I can't really argue with it's inclusion, especially since it should end up ranking in the upper half of my own decade list when I decide to unleash it the second week of January. Ratatouille on the other hand, is another really good Pixar film, but these films never strike me as best-of anything candidates. That's just my particular biased, of course, but this nevertheless remains one of Pixar's better efforts to date. Everyone, however-- including Phillips, obviously-- needs to watch A.I. again, pronto.

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