Monday, December 28, 2009

At the Movies - Top 10 of the Decade Countdown: #1

Well after nine weeks we now arrive at A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips' choices for the best film of the last ten years. And after some speculation around these parts that Scott would be bold and select something like Edward Yang's Yi Yi, he instead reverts to the middle and selects Wall-E, a solid Pixar film with an avid following, but one that doesn't seem to me to be any better or worse than Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles or Up. Phillips, on the other hand, takes the bold route, selecting Paul Thomas Anderson's scathing capitalist allegory There Will Be Blood, one of only a handful of films that I would seriously consider for this honor.

Perusing their complete lists, my personal top 10 surprisingly overlaps most with Phillips', though I'd say Scott has a couple more unique picks further on down the line. All in all these selections aren't bad, particularly when considering this is aired on national TV. But even still, I wish Scott would have stuck with his elitist New York art persona and dropped a Taiwanese new wave film on here or something. But I digress. Check out the segment below and head over to their site for the complete rundown.

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Sam C. Mac said...

So bummed Scott went with Pigs in Space over "Yi Yi." And he's stated in interviews and stuff back in '05 how much he loves "Yi Yi." Thousand bucks says it was his #11, and probably due to trying to please the producers.