Monday, November 30, 2009

Film Review Update

As you may have noticed, since I've taken over as Music Editor at InRO in the least year or so, my film review output has crawled to a bare minimum. In the meantime, I've done my best to keep up with quick capsule reviews of most new films I see, but now it's gotten to be a little too tedious for me to consistently keep up with. What I've decided to do, then, is to altogether scrap my capsule film reviews, and from hence forth focus solely on the Oscar race and awards side of the industry. I'll still offer up my thoughts here and there of course, as outside features and online debates invariably heat up across the year-- not to mention when the Academy drops the ball in most every major race-- but the days of full-fledged film critiquing is all but behind me, at least at this stage. I'm sure there will be the odd occasion where I'll go ahead and give myself over to a full review when InRO needs a helping hand, but as the music side of the site continues to grow, I have decided to dedicate myself to that aspect of the InRO world, at least for the foreseeable future.

My film intake has not and will never be curbed, however, and if you follow this blog or my twitter page, I'm sure you'll get all the film opinion and dissension that you'll ever need out of me. Also, I will still offer up my Top 10 of the year each December, so chances are you won't even miss those half-written capsule reviews anyhow. This obviously effects your movie going life in no way, shape or form, but I thought I'd point out my plans as we head into the thick of the Oscar race and the beginning of a new year at the movies. So keep a look out for our new Chasing Gold couple in a couple of weeks, as well as a late-December best of the year column. Oh, and just to wrap things up fully, here are some quick grades of a few recent films:
Precious (**), The Men Who Stare At Goats (**), The Fantastic Mr. Fox (**1/2), The Road (***).

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