Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At the Movies - Top 10 of the Decade Countdown: #10

A.O. Scott and Michael Phillips have jumped out of the gate first with a 10 week countdown of the best films of the 2000s. They began last weekend with their #10 picks, Minority Report (Phillips) and Million Dollar Baby (Scott). I like both these films just fine, but oddly enough I agree more with each of their individual criticisms of the others pick. Which is to say neither is getting near my top 10. But nevertheless these are both worthy films, one of which is actually in need of some serious critical re-assessment. At the same time, I'd argue that Spielberg made a much more emotionally impactful and visionary science fiction film the year prior with A.I., while Eastwood has made at least two better films this decade. Anyway, watch them duke it out below.

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