Saturday, August 1, 2009

Music Review: Oneida - Rated O (***)

"In a recent interview with Dusted Magazine, Oneida drummer Kid Millions had this to say about his band’s audience: “Sometimes it’s interesting to consider the concept of the ‘listener.’ The audience is at once inside and outside the O. Oneida has been a band for 12 years and we are dedicated to this craft of creating music and performance on our own terms and in our own the same time – they are fleeting. They do not live or die by whether or not we record another song or play another note.” In the grand scheme of things, that statement is obviously true, yet the Brooklyn journeymen have nevertheless built up one of the most fervent cult followings in the underground, a dedicated group of devotees willing to track the band just about anywhere. Perhaps only a band with this particular cache would have the audacity to cut a triple-album in 2009, but at the same time, only a band with this disregard for expectations would find such an undertaking freeing enough to craft what may very well be their best album to date. The second in the band’s proposed “Thank Your Parents” trilogy, Rated O appropriately functions as the middle ground of the core Oneida aesthetic, incorporating the sounds of psych, math, kraut, prog, and minimalist styles, as well as all that intersects them." [Continue Reading]

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