Friday, August 21, 2009

Music Review: Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem (***1/2)

"At first, the wandering lo-fi folk of Phil Elverum may not seem to bear much in common with what one would normally associate with metal – let alone black metal. Pay a little closer attention though, and the commonalities are quite prominent: the drifting atmospherics, that dark, almost uncomfortable undercurrent of dread, and an uneasy reliance on naturalistic imagery at the expense of human interaction. It may initially seem strange then – especially as it arrives well over a decade into a fruitful though often times frustrating career – that Elverum would end up here, recording what many are billing as his black metal album. But
Wind’s Poem, Elevrum’s third official full-length released under the Mount Eerie moniker, is a triumph of aesthetic resolve and a valiant magnification of nascent sonic elements. Its 12 tracks and 55 minute length are, quite simply, a wonder to behold." [Continue Reading]

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