Saturday, August 15, 2009

For Serious? 'Tree of Life' to Arrive Dec. 23rd

UPDATE: I just worked my way through the Entertainment Weekly in question, and unless I'm missing something, I see them as having Tree of Life listed as a December 25th release. Even still, it looks to me like people are just shooting in the dark on this one-- just one more reason why I wouldn't put too much faith in the film reaching cinemas by the year's end, at least until we hear official word.

Entertainment Weekly apparently has Terence Malick's enigmatic 5th feature Tree of Life penciled in for a December 23rd release in their current 'Fall Movie Preview' issue (via The Playlist). I really want to believe this (really I do), but I'm still not holding my breath-- at least not yet-- until we're given official word from Apparition (and not just the vague morsel of "late holiday season"). I mean, 4 years between films for Malick is like a smoke break for your average Hollywood hack. But to say the least this could drastically alter the season's awards landscape, not to mention any number of decade best-of lists. Maybe a trailer would help ease my apprehension. So once again, we wait...

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