Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dusted Feature: Face the Musician - Oneida and Rated O

Dusted has launched an interesting new feature wherein they speak with an artist or band about a review they've published, in hopes of creating, in their words, "a dialogue [that] would enrich everyone’s experience with the album and give Dusted readers a chance to approach the industry-standard record review from the artist in question’s perspective." It's a fascinating concept, and one that Kid Millions of Oneida approaches with great credence. Here's an excerpt that caught my eye:

"Sometimes it’s interesting to consider the concept of the "listener." The audience is at once inside and outside the O. Oneida has been a band for 12 years and we are dedicated to this craft of creating music and performance on our own terms and in our own context. This is everything for us. Say a listener – and I would include myself in this relative to bands I love – is someone who by definition has a casual relationship to what we do – say in the best possible situation. This is someone who sits down and listens to what we do or comes to a show. Even in this rarefied world of say indie-rock or whatever – this person is a minority. At the same time – they are fleeting. They do not live or die by whether or not we record another song or play another note. For us, it is something more vital – so we gotta attend to that. It is one of our priorities in life – plain and simple. That’s the reality of Oneida for us." [Continue Reading]
I myself plan on reviewing Oneida's 3xCD Rated O (their follow-up to Preteen Weaponry) in just a couple weeks for InRO, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, you'd do well to check out the entire interview. It's certainly gutsy to have an artist openly discuss a current review, and the results are predictably engaging.

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