Monday, March 9, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

If you've got any good sense at all, tomorrow you'll make your way over to your local DVD retailer and indulge in what will probably turn out to be the best release day of the year. By my count, 5 of the films that made my top 10 last year will be released tomorrow, including Milk, Rachel Getting Married, Synecdoche New York, Let the Right One In, and Happy-Go-Lucky. Still waiting on my book ending films - Wendy and Lucy and The Wrestler - to round out the rest of the top ten, while I also anxiously await the Blu-ray release of Revolutionary Road, so I can finally give it a second veiwing. That film hasn't been far from my memory since I saw it mid-Decemeber. In the meantime though I've got these 5 gems to revisit. God bless the digital age.


CheeseNQuckers said...

How DARE you
not mention "Howard the Duck"

A true classic finally sees release on DVD, and you ignore it... you are a very unintelligent being.

Jordan Minnesota said...

Aaah yes how could I forget about Howard!? It may a little late now, but I do fully endorse this release.

Sam C. Mac said...

I agree with the handsome CheeseNQuckers poster. I bet he's smart.