Friday, March 6, 2009

Download: Original C86 Tape

With the recent groundswell of hype for slightly distorted indie-pop, Chocolate Bobka has done a great service by compiling the tracks that made up the original C86 cassette, which the NME released way back in 1986, and which subsequently influenced an untold number of bands, from Belle and Sebastian to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. In fact, in my recent review of TPOBPH's debut album, I specifically cite the C86 tape and a few of the bands whom they share more than a few characteristics. If you dig what you hear on the cassette, I'd also recommend Castle Music's 2007 compilation CD86 (which I raved about thoroughly a couple years back), which took the concept of the original C86, and expanded it with even more obscure indie-pop, but this time in compact disc form. Both are essential listens in my book. (via GvB)


Sam C. Mac said...

Unrelated, but I'm too lazy to email you right now:

Sun O))), Boris, and Earth have new songs in Jarmusch's "The Limits of Control"

Flick (which looks awesome, based on the trailer-- kind of a "Red Belt" vibe, I'm gettin') comes out late May, which means it will likely be at either Tribeca or Cannes (probably the latter, but maybe...)

Thought that was news worth shakin' a stick at, so there ya go.

Jordan Minnesota said...

Really? I did not know that. Not only about the bands, but even about Jarmusch's new film. So good news all around I'd say, especially if it shows up at Tribeca. Judging by the other two bands though, I'm assuming Boris will be in drone metal mode as opposed to "Pink"-style metal burners.