Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Break Up Your Band - The Essentials #5: V/A - No New York

"Igniting and burning out in less than four years time, the late-70s No Wave scene, which emanated alongside the filth of a rapidly disintegrating New York City, was (and still is) music’s most sadistic shooting star. This anti-movement began as a violent reaction to the inbred punk scene and the then burgeoning New Wave sound. Within a few months in early ’76, an untold number of quote-unquote bands rapidly shot up from the gutter. Weaned on art-school philosophy, performance art, and the music of The Dead Boys, The Stooges, La Monte Young, and most notably Suicide, a bubbling cauldron of barely adept groups began playing the most obtuse, jagged, atonal and confrontational out-rock the world has ever seen. When British producer and former-glam-rock-icon-turned-ambient-artist Brian Eno came to New York in the spring of ’78, he unwittingly stumbled upon the ever-mounting evolution of sound that had nearly nothing in common with anything that came before it." [Continue Reading]

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