Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Break Up Your Band - The Essentials #4: Boredoms - Soul Discharge

"It wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear that most new fans of Boredoms – those who were introduced to the band through their recent string of Super Roots reissues or even this year’s wonderful Super Roots 10 - were unfamiliar (if not downright unaware) of the legendary Japanese band’s first artistic phase, which existed roughly from their inception in 1986 until sometime around SR3 in 1993. Long before 1998's SR7 set the band’s controls for the heart of the sun, they could accurately (and probably proudly) be described as the world’s longest running penis joke. Faux-metal riffs, vaguely disgusting song titles, botched rap attempts, abrasive No Wave excursions; nothing was sacred to Yamatsuka Eye & his band of art-damaged weirdoes. Their first album alone housed references to both The Stooges and the Sex Pistols (depending on which side of the Atlantic you lived on), but the sounds emanating from the studio were anything but familiar. By the time of 1989's Soul Discharge, the band’s edgy, slightly formless, but promising early songs like “Lick’n Cock Boatpeople” and “Feedbackfuck” gave way to tighter, more compact, but no less unhinged splatter-punk classics like “Bubblebop Shot” and “J.B. Dick + Tin Tuner Pussy Badsmell.” The original Soul Discharge album – comprised of just 10 songs in barely 28 minutes – still stands as the best representation of this early, endlessly provocative Boredoms sound. It’s rare to say nowadays, but there’s really never been anything quite like it." [Continue Reading]

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