Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's Going On Here?

Seriously, I want to know. One day he's a huge movie star and the next he is some bearded hermit who only emerges from his cave for improv rap shows. I don't buy it. This whole shtick has to be a charade, right? Right.....?


Sam C. Mac said...

You're really out of the loop on this one, I guess. Phoenix is acting here, it's all for the sake of a mockumentary that Casey Affleck is making about self-centered, eccentric actors (think Russel Crowe or Robert Downey, Jr. playing a riff on Crowe in "Tropic Thunder"). That's the relatively believable rumor that's been circulating at least-- as perpetuated by EW.

Jordan Minnesota said...

I actually am aware of the Casey Affleck film, but a part of me hopes that Phoenix isn't in on the joke. Or at least not completely. This whole stunt is helped immensely by the fact that Phoenix has always seemed a little out there though.

Sam C. Mac said...

He's really pretty amazing in "Two Lovers." Just throwin' that out there (I might review it at some point too, but Chazz is doing it for InRO).