Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stream: Black Dice - "Glazin"

It's just a couple of months away until I can get my grubbing hands on REPO, the hotly anticipated (at least around these parts) new record from noise-band-turned-dance-pillagers Black Dice. Judging by this new track entitled "Glazin", it's probably a good idea for me stop hoping for a return to the band's noisier, more fractured terrain (which, granted, they all but perfected on 2003s great Beaches & Canyons). They are on a completely different trip at this point in their careers, and it shows. What this does sound like then is the most logical outgrowth of the trio's last couple of years worth of singles, which were compiled on the solid if slightly underwhelming Load Blown in 2007. Those mangled samples that begin the track tell me that Black Dice had the LP format in mind when crafting this record, and thankfully REPO will be the band's first album of all new material in four years. Cop the mp3 from GvB.

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