Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stream: Animal Collective - "What Would I Want Sky"

Animal Collective recently recorded a BBC session, and as expected a new track has surfaced and spread like wildfire. This is going under the title of "What Would I Want Sky" (or possibly "Blue Sky") for now, and the studio recording will hopefully show up as a B-side on a upcoming single. From the sound of it, this has an even looser feel than the majority of the towering Merriweather Post Pavilion (which I have reviewed for iRO; it will be up next week UPDATE: it's up). After 3-plus minutes of jamming (complete with a Grateful Dead sample), the song sits up and drops voices into the mix. A Panda Bear vocal loop anchors a free-form Avey Tare verse , and the whole thing tops out at 7 1/2 minutes. This band just keeps on giving. Stream it over at I Guess I'm Floating, who also have an MP3 of "Lion in a Coma" up for listening.


Sam C. MacNoCleverNameRightNow said...

This might actually be my favorite 'Merriweather' song. I love the extended opening, I listened to Fennesz's "Venice" right before and it just bled together. I think I like AC at their messiest. That's not to say everything on 'Merriweather' isn't better than just about anything released anywhere by anyone else. Because it kinda is.

elTHORTON said...

What Dead song are they sampling exactly?

Jordan Minnesota said...

The song in question is "Unbroken Chain".