Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Music Review : Fever Ray - Fever Ray (***)

"The Knife’s Silent Shout remains a rare gem; a record composed wholly by digital experimentation that nevertheless housed within its inhuman pore’s an uncommon warmth and distinctive personality. The source of this disconcerting comfort was vocalist Karin Dreijer Andersson, whose ghostly multi-tracked vox was fed through untold amounts of filters, vocoders and pitch shifters. Despite the near-constant vocal manipulation, she managed to weave compelling patterns through brother and Knife compatriot Olof Dreijer’s hall-of-mirrors beat construction, injecting an eerie sort of life into a bloodless corpse of battered house breaks and electro-magnetic synth washes. That was three long years ago, and the duo has been more or less quiet in the interim. And now, like an olive branch to satiate rabid anticipation for the next Knife full-length, we have the debut album from Fever Ray, the solo project of Andersson." [Continue Reading]

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