Friday, February 6, 2009

Coming Next Week to Stereo Sanctity: A Decade in Review - The Albums & Films of the New Millenium

As my first decade as an obsessive observer of modern film and music comes to an end in eleven short months, I eagerly await my Best of the Decade lists. For years I had planned on doing two large lists of the 100 best films and albums of the decade, yet as I sat and thought about it recently, it seemed less and less practical. Not only would that be a daunting task for any single writer, but you dear readers would be bombarded with 200+ records and films, many of which you haven't been exposed to or would even have any idea of where to begin with if you wanted to.

Instead I've decided to count down each individual Top 10 (by year) of the decade so far, month by month, until we reach December, at which time I will do my annual Best of the year lists, followed in January 2010 by my 10 Best Films and Albums of the Decade lists. So since we now have 11 months left in '09 and only 10 years to cover, I though I would give February over to the albums and films that won't be making my final Top 10s. So yes, these will be honorable mentions, but each and every one deserves special attention in my opinion. It also gives me good chance to outline the trends in both mediums, and revisit the highs and lows that undoubtedly characterized opposing years.

These features will be posted on the 2nd and 4th week of each remaining month of 2009: music reserved for the 2nd weeks and film taking over the 4th weeks. So that means next week will see my honorable mentions list for music. The week of the 23rd then will be given over to my film honorable mentions. I'll get into specifics as each list emerges, but hopefully you will have as much fun reading these as I did compiling them. So get ready, you've got a lot of entertainment on the horizon.

Happy Reading!

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