Tuesday, January 13, 2009

InRO Feature: Albums We Missed

Here's a good example of how Stereo Sanctity will look going forward for the foreseeable future. Albums We Missed is a feature I put together for In Review Online (my boy Sam thought of that nifty title though), which highlights some records that the site never got around to covering in 2008. All these reviews were written by me and previously published on Stereo Sanctity, but they look awfully spiffy at the newly redesigned IRO. Check it out.


River Phoenix said...

You write for iRO? damn..it's a small world..

liked the post...3 of those 5 were in my top 20 (with Shearwater at the no.1 spot) :-)

Sam C. MacPleasedToHaveSoManyWriters said...

I love how I've started a little community. Just none of you better get all "Dogville" on my ass... if someone's father happens to be James Caan I'm extraditing you out of the village.