Friday, January 23, 2009

David Berman (Silver Jews) Giving Up Music?

Well, this is certainly depressing. Assuming it is true, one of my all-time favorite songwriters is hanging it up after nearly 20 years and 6 wonderful records. Just last year Berman and his Silver Jews released the supremely underrated Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea, his most hopeful and light-hearted record to date. If this is indeed the last we hear from Berman musically, he has left us with one of the most indelible catalogues in modern music. I've already got a new Break Up Your Band column in the works for next week at iRO (if you missed the first entry, you can read it here), but you can already pencil in the next column as a look at the Jews and their landmark 1998 record American Water.
"Chalk lines around my body
Like the shoreline of a lake
Your laughter made me nervous
It made your body shake too hard

Now there's a lot of things that I'm gonna miss
Like thunder down country and the way water drips
When you're running for the door in the rain
Read the metro section...See my name

No I didn't really want to die
I only want to die in your eyes
Grant me one last wish
Life should mean a lot less than this
Grant me one last wish
Life should mean a lot less than this"

- David Berman ("How to Rent a Room")

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