Thursday, January 22, 2009

Congrats to "The Reader"... have now officially usurped Crash as the most hated modern film nominated by the Academy (those fanboys can be a tough crowd). With Harvey Weinstein seemingly pulling the strings from behind the scenes, it really does feel like the late 90s all over again today. Many contribute this sea-change to Barack Obama and the election, with friendlier, less confrontational nominees being singled-out this morning. Not that The Reader doesn't touch on some heavy issues (it is being billed as somewhat of a holocaust movie after all, although I didn't quite see it that way - at least not fully), but coming after back-to-back years of The Departed and No Country for Old Men - and not to mention fellow nominees like Babel and There Will Be Blood - this year's slate of nominees came as a splash of cold water to the face. Lest we forget, the Academy isn't cool. The sad part is we didn't see it coming. (pic from Incontention via Awards Daily)

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