Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changes afoot at Stereo Sanctity

If you've consistently been following Stereo Sanctity over the last few months you've probably noticed that I've been stretching myself a little thin across two other websites in addition to this blog. As things began to really take shape over at In Review Online in particular, I've decided to give myself over more fully to concentrating my efforts and various writing pursuits on them.

Last year around this time I announced that I would be adding music reviews to Stereo Sanctity, in hopes of complimenting my film writing. Things went well; I wrote around 200 reviews over that span. It's all become a little tiring however, and now starting in 2009, I won't be giving over reviews for every single album I listen to - at least not here. Instead, most of my record reviews will be available to read at IRO. I plan then on using Stereo Sanctity as more of a hub for my various reviews. So I will still post here like normal when I have a new review out there in the interweb, but it will be available as a link to the particular site that the review happens to appear on (this will be the procedure for my Popmatters writing as well). Most of my posting on Stereo Sanctity then will be given over to things like song streams, personal commentary of the worlds of film and music and, of course, full-fledged film reviews, although I'm sure a few of those will make there way onto IRO as well.

So basically nothing much will change on your end, except that now when you visit Stereo Sanctity you can more easily access all my reviews and featured columns through one central location. Despite all this, updating should stay on a daily (or near daily) frequency here on SS, but with a wider range of topics touched on, as I won't feel limited to just music/film reviews and the like. In any case, I'll go ahead and test it out for a while, and if it doesn't work out, I can always go back to bombarding you readers with 4-5 record reviews per week. And of course, any sort of feedback could help the process along as well.


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