Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Break Up Your Band - The Essentials #1: Sleater-Kinney - "Dig Me Out"

My first "Break Up Your Band" column is now up over at In Review Online (if you missed it, here is the Introduction to this new IRO feature). I kick off the series with Sleater-Kinney's first unequivocally great record, Dig Me Out:
"Sleater-Kinney, and by extension the band’s third record, Dig Me Out, were the greatest end result imaginable for the riot-grrrl genre. While their other third-wave feminist peers in Bikini Kill and Bratmobile shouted their anti-male screeds and female empowerment manifestos with no regard for subtly or grace (a different route to arrive at the same goal obviously, but arguably just as effective), the women of Sleater-Kinney exalted their convictions through the power of some of the most seductive and elusive, yet fist-pumpingly direct punk songs of the last ten years. [Continue Reading]

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