Thursday, November 20, 2008

"The Wrestler" Trailer

You could already cut the anticipation with a knife, and now we have the trailer for Darren Arofnosky's ridiculously-hyped new film, The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke is a sure-fire Oscar nominee, and Marissa Tomei looks to rebound after her snubbing last year for Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. Let's just come and say it though, this looks flat-out fantastic.


Holmbody said...

Thanks for posting The Wrestler trailer! I saw it earlier today and wanted to see it again. This film really does look amazing.

inRO said...

It's a good film, a great trailer, and a great performance. Why Tomei is being toted as a nominee for Supporting Actress I'll never know, but Rourke, I would say, is likely to win this year, and probably deserves it. The film itself, however, is a bit too conventional in regards to its narrative, that's not to say that it isn't great in other ways though-- the way in which Aaronofsky portrays his wrestler patching wounds and coping with loneliness rings of authenticity and understanding, and doesn't over dramatize.