Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothin much goin on....

Today is a rather slow day on all fronts. It's for the better I suppose since the Angels are on in 30 minutes, and I won't be leaving the couch. There is however the rather sick looking new Microcastle artwork that the band finally decided on. I guess you can do whatever you want when the record isn't officially in shops yet. Personally, I love it. This is much more in tune with the Deerhunter/Atlas Sound visual palette, as opposed to the Physical Graffiti-ish artwork that adorned the download release. I never truly felt it fit. This feels right though.

Looking ahead, there will be lots of new reviews coming at you, including write-ups on the new albums from Horse Feathers, Gentlemen Jesse & His Men, Deerhoof, Jay Reatard, Antony & the Johnsons and hopefully some reissue reviews of Rodriguez's cult classic Cold Fact LP, and that new Liquid Liquid compilation (this one could take a couple weeks though).

Anyway, keep a look out and continue to check back here and at FIRONLINE.

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